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CAQH Frequently Asked Questions

CAQH Solutions Proview

What is CAQH ProView?

CAQH ProView is an online provider data-collection solution. It streamlines provider data collection by using a standard electronic form that meets the needs of nearly every health plan, hospital and other healthcare organization. CAQH ProView enables physicians and other healthcare professionals in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to enter information free-of-charge into a secure central database and authorize healthcare organizations to access that information. CAQH ProView eliminates redundant paperwork and reduces administrative burden.

Who is able to access CAQH ProView?

Every health plan may use CAQH ProView if they choose to participate. Other healthcare organizations that handle credentialing functions on behalf of health plans – or that have their own need for credentialing –may also choose to use the solution. In all cases, providers must submit authorization for a health plan to access their information.

Are all physicians and other healthcare professionals required to use CAQH ProView?

No. Participation in CAQH ProView is voluntary. Some health plans and other healthcare organizations have requested that their network providers use CAQH ProView starting with their next re-credentialing event. Call the CAQH ProView Support Desk at 1-888-599-1771 to learn more about participating organizations. Provider relations staff can also provide this information.

Does it cost anything to use CAQH ProView?

There is no cost for physicians and other health care providers to use CAQH ProView. Health plans and other healthcare organizations using CAQH ProView pay administrative fees and an annual fee per provider to access the database. For more information contact CAQH at 1-202-517-0384 or email

How do providers access CAQH ProView?

Providers can register online at, or will receive registration instructions once a healthcare organization notifies CAQH that the provider needs to access the database. Once registered, use the CAQH Provider ID and password to access CAQH ProView.

Who can I contact for help or if I have any questions about CAQH ProView?

Contact the CAQH Help Desk:

  • Providers: Log in to CAQH ProView and click the chat icon at the bottom of any page or call: 888-599-1771.
  • Participating Organizations: Log in to CAQH ProView and click the chat icon at the bottom of any page or call: 888-600-9802.

Help Desk hours are:

  • Providers: Monday – Thursday: 7 AM – 9 PM (ET), Friday: 7 AM – 7 PM (ET)
  • Participating Organizations: Monday – Friday: 7 AM – 9 PM (ET), Friday: 7 AM – 7 PM (ET)

How do physicians and other healthcare professionals complete the CAQH ProView data collection process?

Completing the online form requires five steps:

  • Register with CAQH ProView.
  • Complete the online application and review the data.
  • Authorize access to the information.
  • Verify the data and/or attest to it.
  • Upload and submit supporting documents.

Do providers need to complete their entire profile?

Yes. Providers must complete all profile questions; however, the system is designed to allow you to complete your profile over time.

Can any organization access a provider’s data?

No. The provider controls which organizations have access to the information. When completing the CAQH ProView profile, providers indicate which healthcare organizations and health plans are authorized to access the data.

For more information visit the CAQH Frequently Asked Questions Website:


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