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Partner Program

Drive additional revenue and reduce denials by offering provider enrollment services!

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Schedule Your Discovery Session

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Schedule Your Discovery Session

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Why Us?

Enrollment contracting services exclusively for Medical Billing Companies

There are a ton of reasons why you should partner with us, but here are 3 good ones:

Reduce billing obstacles

It's no secret that contracting & credentialing can cause a number of headaches for medical billers. We work exclusively with medical billing companies to prevent and reduce credentialing errors that create billing obstacles.

Drive additional revenue

By offering contracting and credentialing services to clients and potential clients, billing companies are able to collect a commission fee as well as create new opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible.

Provide more value

Adding another service to your tool belt will provide additional value to your customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Excellent Results

One of our partners saw these numbers after adding our services...

New Customers
Revenue Generated
Over $ 0 k
Credentialing Issues
Excellent Results

Speak with a credentialing expert about our partner program.

Start Offering Credentialing Services

Start offering credentialing services

Provide contracting & credentialing services to your clients and start driving additional revenue for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs we get a lot

The best way to get started is to schedule a call with one of our Partner Consultants so that we can see if we're a good fit for your company.

No. This services is specifically designed to reduce you and your clients' workload so that you can focus on providing your services and growing your business.

Your clients are YOUR clients. We sign an NDA with each of our partners, protecting both parties. In addition, your organization will remain the main point of contact throughout the relationship.

Our partners charge their clients for the services we provide. Some, mark up our partner program prices to be in line with our standard retail prices. Others pass along the savings to their clients. In any case, our partners always pay Contracting Providers for services rendered.

Our clients are ultimately YOU, the billing service. We can provide updates to both your organization as well as your clients via white labeled emails.

Yes! In fact, we currently serve clients in over 40 states.