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Provider Enrollment

Enrolling a healthcare provider, such as a doctor or nurse, in a medical insurance plan or network.


Verifying the qualifications and credentials of healthcare providers, such as their education, training, and licences, to determine their eligibility to provide medical services.

Provider Contracting

Services for managing medical provider contracts with insurance providers assist hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations in doing so while optimizing revenue.

Insurance Contract Negotation

Negotiating and obtaining contracts on behalf of healthcare providers with medical insurance companies to define the terms and circumstances under which the provider will be compensated for their services.

Insurance Maintenance

Managing and maintaining a healthcare provider's participation in various medical insurance plans and networks, including updating information and ensuring compliance with plan requirements.

Medicare Enrollment

Enrolling healthcare providers in the Medicare program, a federal insurance program for people 65 or older or with specific disabilities or conditions.

New Practice Setup

Assisting healthcare providers in setting up a new medical practice, including advising on business and regulatory matters and helping to secure necessary licences and approvals.

Hospital Privileging

Obtaining privileges for healthcare providers to practise at a hospital or other healthcare facility, including verifying their qualifications and credentials and establishing the scope of their practice at the facility.

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